Global Papa phone card. No Connection charge. No Maintenance Fee.
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Global Papa Phone Card
  • No Connection charge
  • No Maintenance Fee
  • 1 minute rounding
  • Local Access Numbers and Toll Free access number available
  • Rates with Toll Free access are only 1 c/min higher than Local Access number rates
  • Extremely low rates to Asia, Africa, South and Central America
  • Absolutely the best to Eastern and Western Europe, especially to:
  • Russia 7.9 c/min, Moscow 2.5 c/min, St. Petersburg 3.5 c/min, Bucharest 8.9 c/min, Bulgaria 11.5 c/min, Czech Rep. 6.9 c/min, Hungary 8.9 c/min, Israel 5.3 c/min, Warsaw Poland 4.9 c/min

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