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conventional long form: Republic of Albania
conventional short form: Albania
local short form: Shqiperia
local long form: Republika e Shqiperise
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Code of Albania +355

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Rates to Albania:

Location: Albania
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Main City Codes:

Babice 394, Ballsh 313, Bajram Curri 213, Bajze 211, Berat 32, Bilisht 811, Bulqize 219, Burrel 217, Cakran 387, Cerrik 581, Corovode 312, Delvine 815, Divjake 371, Durres 52, Elbasan 545, Erseke 812, Fier 34, Fushe-Kruje 563, Gjirokaster 84, Gramsh 513, Himare 393, Kavaje 554, Koplik 211, Korce 82, Kruje 511, Krume 214, Ksamil 893, Kucove 311, Kukes 242, Lac 53, Levan 388, Lezhe 215, Libohove 881, Librazhd 514, Lushnje 35, Maliq 861, Mamurras 561, Memaliaj 885, Orikum 391, Patos 342, Peqin 512, Permet 813, Perrenjas 591, Peshkopi 218, Pogradec 832, Polican 368, Puke 212, Rreshen 216, Rrogozhine 577, Sarande 852, Selenice 392, Shijak 571, Shkoder 22, Tepelene 814, Tirane 4, Tropoje 213, Ura Vajgurore 361, Vlore 33

Cellular Phone Codes:

Mobile Codes Albania Mobile Communications (GSM 900) 68, Vodafone (GSM 900/1800) 69

Communications: Albania

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Telephones - main lines in use:
120,000 (2001)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
250,000 (2001)
Telephone system:
general assessment: Albania has the poorest telephone service in Europe with fewer than two telephones per 100 inhabitants; it is doubtful that every village has telephone service
domestic: obsolete wire system; no longer provides a telephone for every village; in 1992, following the fall of the Communist government, peasants cut the wire to about 1,000 villages and used it to build fences
international: inadequate; international traffic carried by microwave radio relay from the Tirana exchange to Italy and Greece
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
10 (2001)
Internet users:
12,000 (2001)
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