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Bosnia and Herzegovina
conventional short form: Bosnia and Herzegovina
local short form: Bosna i Hercegovina
Long Distance Phone Cards / Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Cards

Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina +387

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Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rates to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone cardRate per min Local AccessMinutes on $10 cardPlace an order
Global Papa$0.15962order on-line now
EuroMama$0.19451order on-line now
Across America$0.222 45order on-line now
EverCall$0.180 55order on-line now
TeleTzar$0.180 55order on-line now
Happy Hours Europa$0.15365order on-line now
Africa MAMA$0.20349order on-line now
OmniCall$0.19955order on-line now
Frugal Asia$0.13772order on-line now
Asia Mama$0.171 58order on-line now
Abla Con Mexico$0.195 51order on-line now

Main City Codes:

Banja Luka 51, Bijeljina 55, Bosansko - Podrinjska Županija / Kanton 38, Distrikt Brcko 49, Doboj 53, Foca/Srbinje 58, Herceg - Bosanska Županija / Kanton 34, Hercegovacko - Neretvanska Županija / Kanton 36, Kanton Sarajevo 33, Mrkonjic Grad 50, Posavska Županija / Kanton 31, Prijedor 52, Šamac 54, Sarajevska Županija / Kanton 33, Srednjo - Bosanska Županija / Kanton 30, Srpsko Sarajevo 57, Srbinje 58, Trebinje 59, Tuzlanska Županija / Kanton 35, Unsko - Sanska Županija / Kanton 37, Zapadno - Hercegovacka Županija / Kanton 39, Zenicko - Dobojska Županija / Kanton 32, Zvornik 56

Mobile Phone Codes

Eronet (GSM900) 63, GSM BIH (GSM 900) 61, Mobi's (GSM 900) 65

Communications: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Telephones - main lines in use:
303,000 (1997)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
9,000 (1997)
Telephone system:
general assessment: telephone and telegraph network needs modernization and expansion; many urban areas are below average as contrasted with services in other former Yugoslav republics
domestic: NA
international: no satellite earth stations
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
3 (2000)
Internet users:
45,000 (2002)
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