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With our phone cards you can make a cheap long distance call to Eritrea.
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conventional long form: State of Eritrea
conventional short form: Eritrea
local long form: Hagere Ertra
former: Eritrea Autonomous Region in Ethiopia
local short form: Ertra
Long Distance Phone Cards / Eritrea
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Code of Eritrea +291

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Rates to Eritrea:

Location: Eritrea
Phone cardRate per min Local AccessMinutes on $10 cardPlace an order
Global Papa$0.54018order on-line now
EuroMama$0.58617order on-line now
Across America$0.73413order on-line now
EverCall$0.59916order on-line now
TeleTzar$0.69414order on-line now
Happy Hours Europa$0.49520order on-line now
Africa MAMA$0.31232order on-line now
OmniCall$0.54018order on-line now
Frugal Asia$0.48520order on-line now
Asia Mama$0.62116order on-line now
Abla Con Mexico$0.67314order on-line now

Main City Codes:

All Locations 1 plus six-digit number

Mobile Phone Codes:

Mobile GSM 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Communications: Eritrea

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Telephones - main lines in use:
30,000 (2001)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
NA; note - mobile cellular service was introduced in May 2001
Telephone system:
general assessment: inadequate
domestic: very inadequate; most telephones are in Asmara; government is seeking international tenders to improve the system (2002)
international: NA; note - international connections exist
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
5 (2001)
Internet users:
10,000 (2002)
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