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Peanuts LD Service
This plan is designed for those customers who do not want to switch a long distance carrier and does not mind paying upfront. Service users will dial an access number and then, after the prompt, will dial the destination number. This service provides a maximum flexibility by allowing to call from mobile phones, home phones and even some business phones.
  • Combination of best domestic 2.6 c/min Intrastate and Interstate, as well as lowest international rates
  • Easy dialing. Skip PIN feature works with up to 20 preregistered nubmers
  • Works like a calling card when a PIN is dialed
  • NEW Callback feature - freedom to call from all over the world
  • Local Access Numbers and Toll Free Access Numbers
  • Automatic account recharge option
  • 50 speed-dial numbers
  • SPEED DIAL feature makes dialing even simpler
  • Online access to your calling records
  • No credit checks - No bills to pay
  • Call from your Mobile phone, your work phone or almost any phone
  • No connections fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Works from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Works from France, UK, Poland, Brazil, Mexico with Toll Free number there.
  • Works from Canada. Canada local access rates are the same as USA nationwide local access rates
  • Friendly and competent Customer Service
Some of Peanuts-LD Rates
China2.5¢Hong Kong3.7¢Lithuania12.1¢Ukraine10¢
France2.8¢India17.9¢Poland3.7¢United Kingdom2.5¢
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